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How Our Food Can Help You Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Our collection of meals is unlike any other menu out there. 

All of our meals have a specific amount of carbohydrate and a specific amount of protein. From one meal to the next, you can be sure that you are getting the same number of grams of carbs and proteins, making each meal essentially interchangeable. This is not meant to be a one-diet-fits-all approach, rather a building block system to help you where you need help most: 

  1. Protein Prep and Carbohydrate Avoidance
  2. Environmental Exposure
  3. Decision Fatigue

Protein Prep

Let's face it -- no matter what diet or lifestyle you are following, protein prep tends to be the limiting factor.

Carbs are easy. It's hard to mess up pasta or rice. It's even easier to grab a snack bar. In fact, you can walk blindfolded and within 2 minutes I bet you'll bump into a carb. So, we help you avoid carbs if you want. And if you want to add some carbohydrate, it is easy to do. 

Fats are easy, too -- a handful of almonds, a slice of avocado, a drizzle of oil and you're good to go.

But protein takes the most effort to prepare. You can't exactly walk around with raw chicken in your back pocket, so let us prepare it for you. All you have to do is heat it up!

Our On-The-Go Quiches and Not-A-Bars are consistently high protein (>20g) and low carb (<10g). 

Our Quick Essentials all have 30 grams of protein and less than 10 grams of carbohydrate, all of which come from leafy greens and vegetables. 

Our Chef Driven meals are all between 250-300 Calories. With these meals we focus on rich flavors while still keeping the protein above 20 grams and the carbs below 10 grams.

We do the counting so you don't have to. 

Environmental Exposure

One of the hardest parts about staying on a healthy food plan is that our environment is full of off-plan choices. We feel like it is a fault of our will power -- or worse, a defect in our character -- when we go to the grocery store for chicken breast and salad and end up with a cart full of junk food and baked goods. Meanwhile, even the sideways thought of baked goods will send most of our brain cells firing off reward signals to go get something off plan. And the smell of the bakery section and the rows of packaged processed foods with decades of marketing research behind them are hard to resist. Even a healthy menu at a healthy restaurant will have options that maybe don't quite fit your plan. 

Think of our menu as a safe place where you can choose anything you want, knowing that the calories and macronutrients will be consistent and compatible with almost any nutritional plan. 

Decision Fatigue

It is almost too much in our information age to constantly have to figure out what to eat. A quick search on "healthy diet" gives you almost 1 billion results (934,000,000 to be exact as of this writing). What are the best foods? How much? How many calories? How many carbs? Where was it sourced? Which greens? It can be overwhelming. 

So, let us take care of the basics. Protein... check. Greens... check. Great flavor... check. As organic and locally sourced as possible... check. And most of our meals are free... Free of dairy, free of gluten, free of sugars, preservatives, grains, MSG, and carrageenan. Our chefs are masters at extracting real flavor from real, whole, fresh food without needing preservatives or additives. 

So stop thinking and start enjoying!

Best of all

Because of the precise macronutrient composition of each meal and the consistency across the menu, our meals can form the foundation of most nutritional plans. Atkins...check. Keto...just add olive oil and nuts. Mediterranean...just add quinoa. DASH...we're already low salt. Vegan? We have options for you. 

And if you are looking for more comprehensive guidance, we can help you with that too. Check out Flywheel Weight Loss and Wellness where Dr Sarmiento can consult with you and together you can decide the best way forward!


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